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  1. • Drift reduction in case of windy weather conditions up to 90%. • Compact design: allows Flat Fan nozzle easy replacement. • They can be fully removed for easier service. • Made of molded Delrin®, a polymer ensuring high chemical stability and an exceptionally long useful life. • Suitable for herbicides, fungicides and pesticides. Learn More
    ASJ Air Off Center
    As low as €3.05 €3.75
  2. • Designed for boomless systems, where the use of a boom is not recommended due to the presence of obstacles. • Can be used as a boom-end nozzle to extend spraying range. • Large droplets have lower drift properties and can increase spraying effectiveness. • Delrin® body and ceramic insert (BX010, 020, 025 and 045 models only) for maximum durability. • Excellent for use on all crop types. • Ideal for golf green treatments using sprayers without boom and for systems on ATVs and quads. • Perfect for airport de-icing operations. Learn More
    Boom Extension Nozzle
    As low as €15.05 €18.51
  3. • Their jet angle ensures perfect fertilizer spreading. • Constant spray throughout the pressure range. • Specific for liquid fertilizers. • Perfect impact onto the soil so as not to damage crops if used at recommended pressure values. Learn More
    Pentastream Nozzle
    As low as €4.15 €5.10
  4. This nozzle holder fits the standard Hardi plastic boom pipes. It will hold 1 Hardi snap-fit nozzle.HA725079

    Learn More
  5. Hypro Syngenta Defy 3D Angled Spraytip Nozzle Learn More
    Hypro Defy 3D Nozzles
    As low as €6.60 €8.12
  6. sparex knapsack nozzle Learn More
    Sparex Knapsack Nozzle s.52440
    €2.50 €3.08
  7. Arag adjustable threaded nozzle holder assembly (1/4" inner thread), double Learn More
    Arag Double nozzle holder 1/4" + 3/8" nut
    €11.11 €13.67
  8. Arag adjustable threaded nozzle holder assembly (1/4" inner thread), single Learn More
    Arag Single nozzle holder 1/4" male
    €11.39 €14.01
  9. This is an Pentastream Nozzle cap complete with seal. This will fit any PSP nozzle body.

    Learn More
    Arag Cap and Seal for Pentastream Nozzle
    As low as €1.00 €1.23
  10. • Steady 80° jet • Working Pressure of 1.5 bar - 7 bar Learn More
    ASJ Standard 80° Fan Nozzles
    As low as €1.00 €1.23
  11. Berthoud Quadrix Nozzle Holder Body. Part Number 217304. Used on Berthoud sprayers.Sold individually. Learn More
  12. Berthoud Threaded Nozzle Holder. Part Number 269258. Used on Berthoud Sprayers. Learn More
    Berthoud Threaded Nozzle Holder - 269258
    €7.13 €8.77
  13. ARAG Half Tri-Jet Nozzle Holder. Part Number 4012200.020. EF3 Fitting. Learn More
    ARAG Half Tri-Jet Nozzle Holder
    €5.00 €6.15
  14. ARAG Nozzle Seal 402200.040 Learn More
    ARAG Nozzle Seal
    €0.40 €0.49
  15. ARAG Nozzle Cap - Blank Learn More
    ARAG Nozzle Cap - Blank
    €1.17 €1.44
  16. Anti-drip diaphragm found on nozzle holders. Diaphragm Check Valve Spring made by ARAG. Learn More
    ARAG DCV Spring
    €1.80 €2.21
  17. Hardi Threaded Nozzle Holder/Body. Part Number HA700976. Learn More
  18. Hardi Nozzle Cap. Part Number HA334082. Snap fit nozzle cap that holds cone nozzles often found on lances. Learn More
    Hardi Nozzle Cap - HA334082
    €3.95 €4.86
  19. Hardi Quintastream ISO Nozzle. The unique design of the HARDI QUINTASTREAM ensures precise application of liquid fertilizer. Five [5] streams of liquid are distributed at different angles and flows by each Quintastream nozzle. Highest flow is from the middle stream and lowest in the outer, overlapping streams. Uniquely, this system allows for boom move- ments that do not influence distribution. Learn More
    Hardi ISO Quintastream Nozzle
    As low as €28.92 €35.57
  20. Hardi ISO F-110 -Flat Fan Nozzle. Bodyless (without cap). Learn More
    Hardi ISO F-110 -Flat Fan Nozzle
    As low as €3.34 €4.11
  21. Hardi Nozzle Cap Learn More
    Hardi Nozzle Cap
    As low as €3.95 €4.86
  22. Hardi Blank Nozzle Learn More
    Hardi Blank Nozzle
    €2.71 €3.33
  23. EF3 Fitting to 1/2" Thread Nozzle Holder Learn More
    EF3 Fitting to 1/2" Thread
    €2.01 €2.47
  24. Cylindrical Blue 50 Mesh Nozzle Filter with Anti-Drip Valve Learn More
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