PPE Personnel Protection Equipment

PPE Personnel Protection Equipment
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  1. Salvarani Nitrite Gloves 802 size 10 (XL). Part Number: 0888010. Learn More
    Salvarani Nitrite Gloves 802 size 10 (XL)
    €12.80 €15.74
  2. Salvarani Eye washer with phisilogical solution. Part Number: 902067. Learn More
  3. Salvarani Coverall Venitex DT119 prot. type 4-5-6. Part Number: 902063. Learn More
  4. Salvarani Coverall Venitex DT115 prot. type 5-6. Part Number : 902058. Learn More
  5. Salvarani Half shell with a visor, multi use CL1. Part Number: 800141. Learn More
  6. Salvarani Filter Xplore A2P3 X330/3500. Part Number: 902066. Learn More
    Salvarani Filter Xplore A2P3 X330/3500
    €47.12 €57.96
  7. Salvarani Half mask X-plore 3300/M multi use. Part Number 902065. Learn More
  8. Salvarani Kit DPI (Full Individual Protection Kit). Learn More
  9. 5 Liter Foam ST. Recommended for use in winter, spring and for pre-emergency treatments. Part Number: 500014. Learn More
    Salvarani 5 Litre Foam ST
    €30.74 €37.81
  10. Salvarani Plug 3 Poles 12V.25A+M20. Part Number: BL-400554. Learn More
    Salvarani Plug 3 Poles 12V.25A+M20
    €5.10 €6.27
  11. Prevents overdosage and the risk of missing marginal strips of land during operation. Adjustable foam production. Container made from hardwearing pressure-resistant polyethylene. Foam head made from impact-resistant EPDM.

    Contents: Container cap with pressure relief valve Foam container Foam generator (x2) Attachment handle for foam generator (x2) Connecting lines for air/liquid Control unit Accessories/spare parts kit Instruction manual Container intake Unit made up of an electrical compressor and electrovalves Complete cabling Learn More

    Salvarani Foam Marker
    €515.00 €633.45
  12. Used to connect more devices to 12V (Foam plotter, oil or water control box and monitors). Including fixing magnets on the back of the ABS plastic box. 40A fuse. 5 meter cable. Part Number: 906390. Learn More
    Salvarani Power box - Three pole sockets PVC
    €102.75 €126.38
  13. Power cable suitable for connecting 2 12 Volt devices (eg TracciaFile, oil or water control boxes and electronic controls). 25 cm cable with three-pole plug. Part Number: 905627 Learn More
    Salvarani Multiple Feeding Cable 1/2 25A
    €27.54 €33.87
  14. Spray Boom Support with Tube Connector Prevents booms hitting the ground. Extremely well made and are highly durable. Two in a Pack for the Price Listed. Part Number; 902546-S Learn More
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