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Vega - The innovative trailed field sprayer for professional crop protection


The carefully considered design of the Vega meets even the most demanding crop protection requirements

  • With its rear-folding SEH boom and a frame that is integrated in the tank, the Vega offers a compact design with large ground clearance, generously dimensioned tyres and low centre of gravity.
  • The Vega is available with tank volumes of 3,000, 4,000 and 5,000 litres and boom widths of 15 to 24 metres.
  • The chemical inductor and the electronic operating panel are optimally integrated in the modern plastic tank. The combination of electric valves directly corporated in the course of the pipe and the espcially arranged suction filters reduces the technical residue remaining in the pipe system to the very minimum.
  • A genuine circulation pipe routed inside the aluminium boom keeps continuously circulating, without inactive sections. Combined with the Eltec Pro real single-nozzle control, this system enables the nozzles to be switched precisely without delay.
  • The Vega drawbar is available in a top-mounted and bottom-mounted version; steering and suspension are optional. The axle comes in a rigid, mechanically or pneumatically suspended version. The suspended versions my be admitted a driving speed of 60 km/h. Possible track widths range from 1.50 m to 2.25 m.


  VEGA 3000 VEGA 4000 VEGA 5000
Tank volume (ca. l) 3,300 4,400 5,500
Dead weight (approx. kg) without boom 3100 3250 3300
Maximum pump capacity (l/min) 2 x 260 2 x 260 2 x 260
Spraying boom width (m) 15-24 15-24 15-24


  • Electronic operation MegaSpray with preparation for operation with any ISOBUS Terminal, 13 width sections freely configurable
  • Spraying boom operation Premium SEH ISOBUS: Electrohydraulic operation for spraying boom lifting / lowering + symmetric / asymmetric folding + asymmetric angle adaptation + sequence control transport-working position
  • Piston diaphragm pump 2 x 200 litres/min capacity
  • Tyres 340/85 R 48 with Vega 12/3000 and 12/4000, 380/90 R 46 with Vega 12/5000
  • Dual line air pressure brake system
  • Drawbar height adjustable, upper connection for trailer coupling
  • Height-adjustable traction loop, Ø 40 mm
  • 3" Kamlok suction connection
  • Electronic operation of selection and distribution valves via 4.6” colour display with scroll wheel control
  • Level indicator TankPilot, electronically readable at the implement and at the operating terminal
  • Filling stop, automatic for suction connection
  • Main tank with integrated tank baffle
  • 4 rotating internal cleaning nozzles
  • Injector agitator with electrical switch-off dependent on fill level
  • Electric agitator regulation
  • Clean water tank 550 litres, integrated in wheel cover
  • Direct level indicator for clean water tank
  • Height-adjustable inductor with circulation nozzles, ProFlow, agitator nozzle and canister cleaning nozzle
  • PTO shaft
  • Platform with handrail and folding ladder
  • Storage box on the right in the direction of travel and utility compartment on the left in the direction of travel

lemken customer

"The distance between our fields is up to 20 km and therefore I spend a lot of time on the road. The Vega always rolls calmly and it stays absolutely stable."

  • Modern tank design with integrated baffle
  • The rear folded boom keeps the centre of gravity far rearward and very low
  • Reduced transport time with a 60 km/h admission when equipped with a suspended chassis

lemken customer

"The individual nozzle control of the Vega is excellent. In my opinion it saves a lot of money on chemicals. There are no more overlaps in the field and crops are growing evenly. That is an additional advantage."

vega view

  • The liquid system with incorporated electric valves provides best operation comfort and minimal technical residues
  • The genuine circulation pipe without inactive sections allows strong cleaning up to the valves
  • Central and lateral boom injection for excellent distribution
  • The Eltec Pro real single nozzle control provides precise application without any delay

Chemical Inductor

chemical inductor

  • Perfectly integrated chemical inductor
  • Steplessly height adjustment
  • The optimized interior design and a strong agiator nozzle ease the induction of chemicals
  • Edge dampening without misting


vega view

  • With the new, semi-automated operating concept, functions are called directly by pressing a button
  • The electric valves adjust automatically according to the function
  • Integrated digital level indicator with filling stop
  • The ISOBUS control MegaSpray is operated intuitively
  • For maximum operation comfort user-configurable Aux-N conrtrols can be used