Sprayer Testing

Suir Sprayers were the first company in Ireland to offer sprayer testing to meet EU regulations. Suir Sprayers have been offering sprayer testing since May 2013 and over the past number of years have built up a wealth of experiance and knowledge. Suir carry the latest testing quipment which is callibrated by an independant compnay annually to ensue its accuracy. At presend Suir Sprayers have four qualified engineers who can carry out sprayer testing as well as any service work you may require while we are on site. 

About the Test

Under Irish Legislation (S.I. no. 155 of 2012) all boom Sprayers (above 3m) and blast/orchard sprayers have to be tested before December 2016 to standard EN13790. Our test is carried out to this standard by suitably qualified test engineers. All tests can be conducted either on the customer site or at our premises at Passage Cross.

All our test engineers are Department approved to carry out sprayer tests. 

All the main componants of the sprayer are tested. These include the control system(s), the pump, all nozzles, the presure gauge(s), hose lines, pressures throughout the sprayer, filters, etc.

If the sprayer passes the test a certificate will be awarded stating that the sprayer meets the required standard. In the event of a failure, recommendations will be provided informing the user of the necessary repairs. Once these repairs are completed within 28 days then a free re-test will be provided and a certificate will be issed at that date.


Why Test?

  • Under Irish legislation all sprayers must be tested once befour December 2016. This test will cover the sprayer untill 2020. A test will be required every 3 years after 2020.
  • Testing ensures that only the correct amount of spray is used therefore reducing waste and saving you money.
  • Testing your sprayer is best practice for the health and safety of individuals affected by the use of your machine including operators, employees and the public.
  • Having your sprayer working correctly will reduce the chance of a costly mid-season breakdown.
  • Accurate application of sprays will achieve your desired results, whether you’re spraying a large field of crop or just a small barren area.
  • By testing and maintaining your sprayer your contributing to a more eco-friendly and safer environment.
  • We, at Suir Sprayers, provide an official certificate stating that the sprayer is in good working order. This will increase the re-sale value of the sprayer.

Why Suir Sprayers?

Suir Sprayers are the longest established sprayer testing company in Ireland and have completed more sprayer tests than any other company / individual in Ireland. With this wealth of experiance and knowledge we believe that we can offer the best solutions to overcome problems when they come up during testing. We have all the necessary parts with us when we arrive in your yard as we know what pars are most likely needed and therefore can usually complete a test in a single visit to your farm.

Suir Sprayers carry all the latest testing and diagnostics equipment when testing. This allows us to offer a more comprehensive testing service than a lot of our compedtiors. All of this equipment is callibrarted as often as is necessary and ensure we are always using accurate equipment.

Suir Sprayers have two qualified engineers to carry out orchard / blast sprayer testing. There is only one other company in Ireland who can offer this service. To date Suir Sprayers have carried out over 30 Orchard sprayer tests and this number is always growing. By testing so many of these sprayers we have built up a lot of experiance and knowledge working with these machines to ensure we can offer you the best possible service and parts backup when required. 

For more information or to book a test please contact a member of our team anytime on 051-821500.